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Code of Conduct - What We Expect of All Our Pupils


What We Expect of All Our Pupils

Achieve your full potential in your school work
  • By working hard and behaving well in all your classes
  • By taking a pride in the presentation and accuracy of all your written work
  • By listening carefully and taking part in class discussion
  • By doing all your homework
Take an increasing responsibility for your own work
  • By coming to lessons with the appropriate equipment and books
  • By aiming for full attendance at school
  • By being punctual to school and class
  • By setting yourself targets to achieve and monitoring your own progress
  • By developing good study habits and study skills

Consider the needs of others

  • By treating people as you would like to be treated
  • By making sure you do not disrupt the education of others
  • By moving around the school in a sensible way
Be good ambassadors of the school both in school and out of school activities
  • By dressing in school uniform
  • By being polite and considerate to all members of the school community and to visitors
  • By taking a pride in the school environment
  • By looking after your own property and respecting the property  of others