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Primary Schools
Primary/Secondary Transition
There are four primary schools within the King’s Park Learning Community. 
Children from Croftfoot, King’s Park and Mount Florida Primary Schools transfer to King’s Park Secondary.  Toryglen Primary is also part of the Learning Community; some children transfer to King’s Park, while others transfer to Stonelaw High School in South Lanarkshire. 
We are also pleased to welcome children who previously attended Simshill Primary and Holmlea Primary in our former catchment area. Following rezoning in 2005, they are now pupils of Merrylee Primary School. Although Merrylee children generally transfer to Hillpark Secondary, those who were affected by the rezoning are entitled to transfer to King’s Park Secondary without a placing request until 2012.
We also welcome many pupils to our school on placing request from other primary schools in the area.
Partner Primary Schools
Croftfoot Primary School
114 Crofthill Road
Glasgow G44 5QQ
King’s Park Primary School
44 Kingsbridge Drive
Glasgow G44 4JS
Mount Florida Primary School
1127 Cathcart Road
Glasgow G42 9HF
Toryglen Primary School
6 Drumreoch Place
Glasgow G42 0ER
The P7 pupils are involved in a number of initiatives that ease their transition from primary to secondary such as science lessons in the labs and science lessons in primary school delivered by the secondary teachers. 
In May/June of P7 the pupils visit King’s Park Secondary for two days, following a full timetable to help them settle in.  In the evening, their parents have the opportunity to meet with Senior Staff and Pastoral Care Staff.  For further information, please contact the school.