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Family Learning Community Calendar

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We are delighted to share our Digibytes for Parents calendar.  Please use the link below to access the calendar. We hope you find these sessions beneficial in helping you to support your child(ren) with the iPad roll out.

We're delighted to be able to share our first session of Digibytes for Parents. This first session is on 'Getting Ready for iPads' and we hope it will help support our parents and carers to prepare their child(ren) for our impending iPad deployment on Monday 21st September. Please get in touch with Mrs Thyne ( if you have any questions or need support.  Please also tune in to our forthcoming sessions of Digibytes for Parents as part of our Community Calendar.

Our Campus Police Officer, PC Louise MacDonald, is sharing top tips and resources to support our parents/carers to keep their child(ren) safe online.  You can view this in our Digibytes for Parents session 2 - 'Keeping your child safe online' - using the link below -

Please use the link below to access our third edition of Digibytes for Parents. In this session on 'Getting to Know your iPad', Miss Poole, our Digital Leader of Learning, shares some great ideas on how to support your child with their iPad. This Digibytes session can be accessed using the link below -

Digibytes for Parents session 4 on Satchel:One is available using the link below. We hope that parents/carers will find this useful for logging into Satchel:One and for supporting our pupils with their homework tasks at home.  If you need your Parent Code for Sacthel:One, please get in touch with your child's Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

Miss Poole has put together Digibytes for Parents session 5 on using Glow and One Drive. This sway newsletter can be accessed using the link below. If your child needs their Glow username or needs their Glow password reset, they can ask any of their class teachers to do this for them.

Miss MacKinnon, our Principal Teacher of Maths and Numeracy, has prepared a short video and Numeracy support booklet to help parents and carers of children in the Broad General Education. This Digibytes for Parents session 6 aims to help our parents and carers to support their children at home to continue to develop their Numeracy skills. The resources can be using the link below -

Our Digibytes for Parents session 7 comes from Mrs Clancy, our Principal Teacher of English and Literacy. In this session, Mrs Clancy explains how our parents and carers can support their S1-S3 children to develop their literacy skills at home. This session aims to build the foundations in Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (RUAE) - essential literacy skills that our young people will need in the Broad General Education and throughout the Senior Phase. This session can be accessed using the link below -

Our final Digibytes for Parents session before the Christmas holidays comes from Mr Thom, our Principal Teacher of Health and Wellbeing, and Miss McTaggart, one of our Principal Teachers of Pupil Support. Our 8th session aims to share what we do to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our young people and gives ideas and resources to help our parents and carers to support their child's wellbeing at home. This session can be accessed using the link below -

Thank you for tuning in to our Digibytes for Parents sessions this term. We hope you have found them very useful. If you have any feedback on the sessions or would like to suggest topics to cover next term, please email Mrs Thyne -